Creating a public report

Let’s Say you created a form using the form builder and published it. Form fillers entered data in this form and the accumulation of this data is stored in a data management result table.
The data in the table may be filtered (in order to view it in a certain way) and saved as a report (you may also save the data as is with no filter applied to it).
For example: if you create a contact form you may want to slice the data in order to view only the sales contacts. This filter may be saved and you can choose to view your data through this filter whenever you like.

The public report, like the public form, enables outsiders to enter it as opposed to the private report which may only be viewed by you.
Its purpose is to enable you to externalize your data. For example, if you created a poll and would like to present its results in your website you can do so by saving the results as public report and “publishing” it.

Steps to create a public report:
1- enter the data management tool (press on the “data” icon in the data center)
2- get your data ready. Edit your data, Filter it if needed and save it.
toolbox>filter>save. (make sure you check the shortcut and share checkboxes )
3- share the report.
toolbox> filter>share
copy and paste the code according to your usage: if you want to embed the report in your webpage simply enter the “iframe” width and height, press “go” and copy the iframe’s generated code.
if you wish for the report to open in a whole webpage use the “url” generated code.
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