build online forms with Jot Forms and its alternatives

If you requisite to craft great looking professional web forms quickly, a online form builder is the best tool for the work. You can simply drag & drop the form fields to make a professional forms like. Contact Form, Feedback Form, Admission Form, Payment form and many more….

Why to use online form builder and whats advantages you will get out of it ?

Simply a Form builder allows you to build and manage all kind of forms for your website need. Building a fully functional forms takes very less time without writing a single line of codes. Below are few online form builders can be used.

While the online form creation process used to be handled by professional programmers, it is now open for all and allows you to add forms to your site without taking any professional help.

jotformJot Forms

If there was a competition for the app that’d let you make a full-featured form the fastest, JotForm would win hands-down.

Just go to, and you can immediately start making a form without so much as signing up for an account. Add the fields you want, then add your email address to get your form responses, and you can copy the embed code and put the form in your site. That’s it.For anything beyond that, you can signup for an account and even integrate it with Zapier.

You’ll find most of the advanced features you’d expect from other form apps in JotForm, in a simple to use interface that’s only a bit more dated than the one in the other form apps on this list. And, surprisingly enough, JotForm is one of the better options if you want to sell products through your form, since it supports eight payment processors including PayPal, Stripe,, and more.

is there any alternates of Jot Forms ? Yes following are few alternate of Jot Forms…..


FormTitan A powerful cloud based form builder tool for creating online web forms. It is so simple that in a matter of minutes you can create your form and start using it. It requires no programming skills – Titan does it all for you.

FormTitan enables you to create an endless array of forms: contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, purchase forms, online invitations, surveys and polls etc.

formtitanFormtitan is packed with a conversion rate optimization engine, its allow not just to build a very nice form but will also help you to build it in a way that it will have a better conversion rates.

In the world of Online forms, conversion rate is the number of visitors who submitted a form divided by the total number of visitors to that form. Conversion Rate Optimization simply refers to the process of improving your form by increasing your conversion rates.

Here is one of the best alternative of Jot Forms


The online web form builder is used for constructing all kind of web forms, which can be embed in your website or blog.

formstackIt is a controlling tool to create any types of form, to collect information from your website visitors and manage the collected information. Normally each submitted date used to come by email and at same time it stores information in database for management and analysis.


The only form builder that allows you to design your form without any layout restrictions. Creating basic web forms without having to deal with their design.

formlogixAdding dependencies to create a compound flow in the form. With FormLogix you can createan endless array of forms: Contact forms, Feedback forms Surveys, Online polls, Order forms Event registration forms etc.


UI Form Builder

Universal Form Builder is a script which can create amazing forms. it can be integrated with wordpress , Woo Commerce, joomla, drupal, opencart, magento and any site.

universal_form_builderAll through a widget code which is generated by the application. Also it provides an administration section where site admins can create custom forms, fields, custom skin, manage layout fields and all kind of editing operations. It’s really easy to customize and you don’t need programming skills.