Make an RSVP form

an RSVP form is a web form used for events invitations. It requests a response from the invited person, which lets you plan your event more precisely.

If you are going to have a big party, for instance, a wedding, an engagement party, or even a birthday party, you will want to know how many people are planning to attend.
Knowing who is coming is crucial to order the right amount of food and beverages, setting up the right amount of tables and chairs etc.
The RSVP form will help you get an answer from the people you invited: if they are coming or not.

In order to make an RSVP form all you need to do is to register to FormLogix form builder. Using this tool you can make an RSVP form real easily.
Following are steps to make the RSVP Forms:
1- Login to FormLogix
2- enter the form builder (advanced form builder)
3- drag a label for the header and write the event name. for example: “ron & lili’s party – 12/9/2013”.
4- drag a label for a description text  and change its text to something like:
“please let us know if you intend to come…”
5- drag a textbox element and a label element for the first field: name.
6- Change the textbox caption to “name” and the label text to “name”.
7- drag a checkbox and a label for the second field: I will attend.
8- change the caption of the checkbox and text of the label to “I will attend”.
9- drag a numeric  textbox and a label for the third field: number of people attending.
10 – Change the textbox caption  and the label text to “number of people attending”.
11- drag a submit button
12- save the form
13- publish the form as “script” and paste it in your webpage.