On line forms

Not so long ago forms were printed on paper and had to be sent by regular mail to people.
It was expensive, ineffective, and harmful to the environmentally   to say the least.
Using this method some forms were sent late, or not at all. Those sent on time were sometimes unusable, the handwriting was unclear or the paper got damaged somehow making it hard to read. In addition, accumulating large amounts of paper makes it hard to store and later even harder to search for specific documents.

More and more forms are going on line nowadays. It is a cost effective, environmentally   safe method. The data entered in the forms is reliable. There is no chance of misunderstandings what is written and data may be searched for easily and quickly.

On Line forms are simple to create using an on line forms builder. You simply log in to the FormLogix form builder, enter the editor (whether it is the basic or advanced editor)  and start building your online form. Adding elements one by one, designing the form and saving.
Once the form is complete you need to publish it and copy the generated code to your webpage.