Customize your form’s results table

The data management tool in the form builder displays all the data collected through your form in a result table. In this table all the fields of the form are displayed (as columns) by default.
If, for any reason, you wish to customize this table so you can view only certain fields (certain columns) – you can do so using the filter terms.

Following are steps to customize your result table in the data management tool:
1-Press on the ‘filter’ icon in the ‘data’ section of the upper toolbar or on the ‘new report’ icon in the ‘report & chart’ section of the upper toolbar.
2-Use the filter terms to select the fields you would like to see in the result table and make sure that all of their ‘show’ checkboxes is turned on.

3-Press on ‘apply’.
4-The result table will update and show only the fields you chose in the filter terms.

default results table – before the filter is applied

customized results table – after the filter is applied