what is the tab index?

The tab index is an attribute that exists in every input element in the form builder and is designed to determine the order of all fields in the form. The tab index number is not given automatically by the system and the form owner must fill them in and define the fields’ order.
When you give all fields a tab index number you are actually defining which field is first, which is second and so on, thus allowing the form filler to make his way in the form using the ‘tab’ key in his keyboard.
The tab index number is also significant for the form owner since the same field order will be applied on the emails and data management report (the order of result grid columns).

Steps to change the tab index number:
1- enter the form in the form builder.
2- Select the element you want to be first and go to its ‘element settings’ on the right.

3- Fill in a tab index number in an ascending order (first element will be 1).
4- Press on ‘apply’.

5- Select the second element and give it the number ‘2’.
6- Continue to do so with all elements.
7- Save the form.