Adding a File upload element to your email form

The file upload element enables a form filler to attach a file to the data he enters in the email form.
Form owners who wish to provide this option to their users may use the ‘File Upload’ element.
In order for the file upload to work you will need to purchase a FormLogix subscription.
Please note – The option to upload files is not included in all FormLogix subscriptions since it is a special feature.

The file upload is limited to certain files and a certain size as follows:
File Size
There is a file upload limit of 1.5mb.

File Types
There are certain types of files which are not allowed to upload (due viruses and other worms).
This is a list of the allowed file types:
gif, jpeg, png, jpg, tiff, pdf, xml, htm, html, txt, doc, xls, pff, rtf, zip, mp3, avi, wav, wma, rar, xlsx, docx, dwg, skp.

Following are steps in order to add a file upload to your form:
1- purchase a subscription, in the payment center, that includes the file upload in it (either a ‘per form’ subscription+file upload or a VIP subscription).
2- in the form builder: drag and drop a ‘file upload’ element on to the design area.

3- Save the form.