How to copy a part of the form – Field template

sometimes you create sections in your email form and you know that you will need to use them again.
In cases such as this it is a smart thing to save these parts for future use as field templates.
Field templates may consist of a single element or several elements which are placed inside a container element.

Once you save your field template it will appear in your field template list for future use. Your field templates will not appear in other users lists and their templates will not appear in your list.

Following are steps to create a field template:
1- drag a container element from the upper toolbar – elements section
2- drag the elements in to the container and place them in a layout of your choice.
3- Once the area is ready select the container by clicking on its handle on the side.
4- Press on the ‘add a field template’ icon in the upper toolbar – tools section.

5- You will then be asked to give the template a name – do so and press on ‘ok’.

6- The template will now be saved and will appear in the ‘template list’ (open the list form use by pressing on the ‘field template’ icon).

7- If you wish to delete the field template you can press on the ‘delete field template’ icon.