How to embed your form in your website?

So you’ve finished designing your form in the form builder…great…what now?
how do you take this form and embed it in your website?
the answer is: “easily”.

Before talking about the actual embedding i would first like to emphasize the importance of getting the webpage ready prior to creating the form.
If you are creating a form with the intention of embedding it you will need to decide where you want the form to be located, what size do you want it to be and how do you want it to look. since “embedding” a form means making it an integral part of the webpage than you should think the overall affect you want to achieve (colors, fonts, colored/image/transparent background etc).
Once you completed this process and built your form according to its results you can now embed the form.

Following are step to show you how to embed the form:

1- Make sure your form is saved and marked as ‘public’ (in the ‘form settings’).
2- Press on the ‘publish’ icon in the upper toolbar-‘main’ section.

3- Choose the ‘script’ option and copy the generated code.
4- Go to your webpage and paste the code.

That’s it.
oh, and just to make things even clearer – this is a tutorial on the subject: Embedding a form