Adding and image to your email form

An image is one of the elements you can insert in to your email form.
Adding an image in the form builder is a very simple thing and just like adding all the other is done in a ‘drag & drop’ motion.
Once the image is dragged to the design area you will see a default Formlogix image. You will then need to go to the ‘element settings’ on the right (while the image is selected) and upload your image.

The image you upload will appear in a default width & height, which means you will need to change these attributes to the right width and height of the image (in the image settings on the right).

If you want to make the image bigger or smaller you can do so by changing the width & height or by simply selecting the image and stretching it.
A border may by added around the image using the border style options in the ‘element style’ section in the top toolbar.
In addition an alt text may be added to the image (in the ‘image settings). This text will appear while the user hovers over it.

Watch a tutorial about adding an image to an email form


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