Using the Field Template

The field template is way to store single or a group of fields for future use in the form builder.
Sometimes you create a form and you already know that a part of it will be used again in other forms (such as address and telephone fields etc) – in this case it
would be a smart move to save this part of the data as a field template.

The field template list consists of general templates created by FormLogix that may be used by all users, and custom templates each user can create for himself. Please note that when a form owner creates a field template -it will only appear in his field template list.

The Field option resides in the top toolbar ‘tools’ section and it consists of 3 icons:
1- Field Template List
2- Add Field Template
3- Delete Field Template

Field Template List
This option allows a user to choose a template from the template list and add it to his form. Once a template is chosen it will appear in the main design area along with all the elements of the form. you can then move it, edit it as you wish, remove fields from it…etc.

Add Field Template
This option allows a form owner to create a field template which will be added to his field template list.
In order to add a field template you need to:
A. select the single field or the container holder of the field group (if you want to save a group of fields you must place them in a container element).
B. press on ‘Add Field Template’
C. Give the template a name
(Once this is done you can go to the Field template list and see the new template added there)

Delete Field Template
This option allows a form owner to delete field templates (only those he created) from the template list. All you need to do is choose the template from the list and delete it.