School trip attendance and consent form

Nowadays schools use web forms for many uses such as: surveys and polls, gathering student info, school events attendance etc.

The yearly school trip, like any other large scale event, is a well organized, logistical happening. Many children, teachers and parents attend and there are many services to hire (transportation, sleeping arrangements, sites to see, etc).
For this reason it is highly important to know who plans on attending.
Where the school is concerned it is also highly important to have the parents’ consent – since without their permission the child will not be allowed to participate.

Creating a school trip attendance form is really easy using a form builder. All you need to do is:
1. use the “school trip permission form” template, which is located in our template gallery (

2. Create this form yourself.

Following are the steps to create the attendance form yourself:
1. Login to FormLogix and choose to create a new form.

2. Give the form a name in the form settings on the right.

3. Drag a label element and change its text to “School Trip” – it will be the form header.

4. While the label is selected change its style: font, size, color etc.

5. Add another label under the title and insert some text about the school trip and the details you require in the form.

6. Drag a regular textbox from the “element toolbar” at the top (for child name field).

7. While this element is selected go to its element settings on the right and enter the field caption (the field name, which in this case is “child name”). in addition give the field a “tab index” number  (also in the “element settings on the right”).

8. Drag a label next to the “child name” textbox and change its text to “child name”.
9. Drag a radio button element for parent consent and a label next to it. Add 2 items to the listbox – ‘I Consent’ and ‘I do not consent’. Do not forget to give the radio button a “caption” and “tab index” (all input elements should have these fields filled in).

10. Drag a regular textbox and label to collect a contact person name.

11. Drag a regular textbox and a label to collect telephone numbers.

12. Drag a submit button.