Do you need an email form?

Do you have a website? Do you have a blog? Do you have a contact form in it? Do you want your users to be able to approach you when they need to? Do you want to publish a questionnaire, survey or poll? Are you interested in what your users have to say?

If you are interested in communicating with audience than an email form is just the thing for you. The email form is a web form which sends you and email once it is submitted by the user – alerting you that the form has been filled and providing you with the entered information.

Not everyone wants to be bothered by phone on a regular basis and most web owners prefer their users to get in touch with them by email since it is simple, fast, can be read and handled at any time and is a documented form of communication.

The form builder provides you with a platform to create email forms easily, quickly and efficiently. What is so great with these forms is that not only data is sent to you automatically upon each data entry, but that all the data entered in the form is also accumulated and stored in a data management tool in which you can view the data, edit it, delete it, export it etc.
This means that the email form is also data driven.

Another new and exciting option is now available, allowing you (the form owner) to reply to your form fillers’ emails via a “private forum” option.
With this option you