Importing data to the form builder’s result table

FormLogix form builder allows importing data in to the data management result table. This option is great to unify all entries in one place. In addition, it is suited for situations in which the user creates his form to encapsulate his existent data and not vice versa.

While the exporting options are many (Excel is one of them), the import may only be done by using an Excel file.

Steps to import data:
1- Get the data you want to import ready.
In the import process you will need to pair a form field with an excel table column so make sure you know which fields suit which.
You may need to format your data a bit so it fits the form field. For instance if you want to import data to a checkbox element you will need to change the values in your excel sheet to 1 and 0 (1 meaning “yes” or “true” and 0 meaning “no” or “false”).

Go over the data you have in the excel sheet and make sure that your form has appropriate fields to encapsulate this data. If, for instance, you want to import names, emails and telephone numbers you will need to make sure they are paired up right (names-regular textbox, emails with an email element and telephone numbers with a regular textbox.)

please note that not all types of data may be imported – if you want to pour your data into a file upload element, a radio button, a listbox or a linkform – this is not possible.

Following 2 images demonstrate how data columns should match the form fields (form on top and .xls file below it):

2- Choose the ‘Import Data’ option in the toolbox left menu.
3- Choose an xls file to import from.

4- A table will then appear, consisting of the columns from the xls file.
Each column header will have a listbox in it, containing the form’s field names.

5- Pair up each column data to its destination field.
Open the column header listbox and choose the field you want the specific data to be poured into. Do so with all columns you wish to import.

6- Press on the ‘Import Data’ button. New entries will then appear (in addition to the old ones, if any) containing the xls data.

Take Note!
If you are attempting to import data that was exported from FormLogix you must first make sure that the file which you want to import is saved in .xls format.
The reason for this is that when you export your data from FormLogix to Excel it is saved in an HTML format.
In order to turn it back to XLS format:
1 – Open the file in Excel.
2 – Save the file as .xls.
3 – Import the data back to FormLogix