Exporting your web form data from the form builder

While data is constantly being stored in the form builder‘s data management result table you can still export it in order to work in other formats at any given time.
The export option is also available for expired forms allowing the form owner to use the data stored up to the form’s expiration data.

The exporting options are:Excel
PDF Tabular (entries shown in a table)
PDF Continues (Each entry shown separately)
Report Tabular
Report Continues
Google Spreadsheet
Google Maps

Steps to export the data:
1- Get your data ready for export.
If you need to edit data-do it
if you need to export a slice of the data-filter it

2- fill In the “number of rows in page” (toolbox>filter> beneath of the filter terms). The reason for this is that the data entries shown on the first page of the report are the only ones that will be exported so you must first ensure that all the Data entries you want to export are displayed on this one page.

3- choose the export option and press “go”. An export window will pop up.

If for any reason the export pop up window doesn’t open
If once trying to export your data (using one of our export options) the export pop up window does not open you will need to change your ie browser’s security settings. The reason for this is that the explorer browser is set to identify and block a pop up window that tries to open a file.
steps to change this setting:

A- go to :
Internet options —>Security —>Custom level —>settings —>downloads
B – set automatic prompting for file download to enabled.
C – Save setting and close all dialog box