Sharing the report or the chart

Some users want to “show” others the data accumulated in their form. They either want to send people a link to their report/chart, or embed it in their web site so anyone can see.
Using the form builder you can externalize your data, same as you externalize your form. Whether it be the result table or a chart it is possible to make them public.

Steps to share you public report or chart:

1- Enter the form builder “data management” report

2- Get the data you wish to make public ready:
if you want to show all the data make sure that you choose the “*” option in the “rows in page” list box (situated in the toolbox>filter) – this will show all results in 1 page.
If you want to show only a part of the data use the filter in the toolbox to slice it.

3- once the data in the table/chart is ready press on “save” in the toolbox left menu.

4- Give your saved filter/chart a name. Be sure to turn on the “share” checkbox since you cannot make the data/chart public without it. Turn on the “create shortcut” checkbox as well – this will create a direct shortcut to this filter/chart from the data center.

5- Press on “share”. If you wish to send someone a link to your data/chart simply copy the “share url”.
If you wish to embed the data/chart in your website simply enter the width and height of the iframe and copy the generated code in the “iframe url”.