How to sort the data in the form builder Result Table

Once data is entered in the web form it is collected in a data management tool report in the form creator.
Sometimes when there is a lot of information it is easier to find specific entries or go through the data by sorting it.
The data in the form builder report is sorted, by default, according to the entry data and so the most recent entries are shown first.
if you wish to sort the data in the result table you can do so really easily.

steps to sort the data:
1- enter the email form’s data in the data management tool
2- press on a column header to sort the data according to it. you will see a blue triangle next to the header text and it will either point up or down (differentiating between a descending and an ascending order).
The first time you press on the header the data will be sorted in a descending order (z-a)
if you press on this header again the order will change to an ascending order (a-z) .

you can sort the data according to any field you wish in the result table.
if you find that there is too much information and the sorting option is not allowing you to go through the data than you should use the “filter” option to slice the data.