Changing the date field format

The form builder has a calendar element in which the date format is not flexible.
Many users want to display the field (presented to the users and to themselves- in the data collected) in another way, maybe even add a time element to it.
This is where the textbox mask comes in.

The textbox mask is great way to format a regular text element to collect specifically defined data. You can, for instance, collect an alphanumeric code with it, or a specific time made of hours, minutes and seconds.
Since the calendar element in the form builder cannot change its format than If you still need to customize it (yyyy/mm/dd for instance) than you can use a textbox mask.

Please note that when you use a regular textbox and apply a mask of a date to it than it will not open a date picker as the calendar element does, but it will simply ask the user to enter the data in the defined

Steps to create a custom date field:
1- Drag a regular textbox on to the design area
2- Select the element and go to its element settings on the right
3- enter the *format in the “mask” textbox
learn more on how to create a mask format
4- press on “apply”
5- save the form”