Create a Continues Form Using a Form Builder

In the form builder, a user can create a continues form in addition to the regular forms. It is a multipage form which is combined of separate individual forms and is a great alternative to long formswith a scroll. The continues form is combined of several existing paid forms and not created like the other regular forms. When you create the continues form all you need to do is choose the forms that appear in it and their order.

Steps to create a continues:
1. Give the continues form a name.

2. Select the forms that will appear in the continues form. Please notice that each form has a number on its left side (starting with #1) – this defines the order in which the forms will appear.

3. Press on the “Save as continues form” button.

4. After your continues form is saved a publish section will appear on the right (publish method : URL). The generated code should be placed in the browser’s address bar to view/enter data in the continues form.

5. Once the continues form has been created it will appear in the data center under “My Continues Forms” and the following options will be available:

edit – Pressing on “edit” will direct you to the continues page again, where you can edit the data or publish the continues form.
Delete- Pressing on “delete” will delete the continues form. Please note that because the continues form is made out of independent forms, deleting it will not delete these forms but only the continues form you created from them.
Export – Pressing on “export” will open all the data collected in the continues forms in an excel sheet.