How to order a FormLogix Form

When registering to FormLogix form builder you are granted 30 days of a trial version after which all the forms shut down (Based on Policy). In order to continue working you need to purchase a FormLogix subscription.
The purchase process in done in 2 phases: the first takes place in the FormLogix website-this is the forms order phase. Once the order is submitted by pressing on the “buy now” button the user is directed to the “payPal” where the actual purchase process takes place.
FormLogix offers 3 kinds of subscriptions:
1- A Per Form Subscription
2- A Per Submission Subscription
3- A Per Account-VIP Submission

Each user has different needs and each subscription is designed to meet these special needs:
1- Per Form – Some users need to create a single form or a few forms which are unlimited in submissions. The suitable subscription in this case is “per form”.
When ordering forms in this type of subscription a form owner is provided with a basic pro version which does not include 2 special features: SSL and File Upload. These 2 features may be added to the basic version when making the order by turning on the feature’s checkbox.
2- Per Submission – Some users need to create a form which is limited in submissions or an unlimited number of forms which they want to purchase submissions for
-This kind of subscriptions is suited for such cases.
The price for this subscription is for a limited number of submissions and does not include the special features: SSL and File Upload.
3- Per account – this kind of subscription is suited for users who need to create an unlimited number of forms and need an unlimited number of submissions as well.
The price covers the entire account and provides an all included pro version of the form builder (including the special features: SSL and File Upload).

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Steps to make a form order:
1- Login to your account.
2- Press on the “Buy FormLogix forms now” green banner to enter the payment center.
3- Choose the relevant subscription for you: per form, per subscription or per account.
4- Choose the period of subscription or number of submissions and press on “buy now”.
5- Make the payment in PayPal