Form builder Email validation

The email validation is a wonderful solution for making sure that the email address entered in your email form is correct (valid and not fake). This proceedure is done in real time, forcing the form filler to validate his address prior to submitting the form.
This kind of solution might seem complex, but it is actually really easy when using a form builder.

How do you use the email validation feature – following are the steps to add an email validation:

1- Enter the form builder
2- Select your email element.

3- Go to the “element settings” on the right and turn on the “email validation” checkbox and the “mandatory” checkbox as well. The reason for turning on the “mandatory” checkbox is that in order for the email validation to work the field must be mandatory.

4- Press on “apply”.
5- Save the form.
6-When a form filler will try to submit your form a window will appear, asking him/her to validate the email address.
The user will have to click on the link to send himself a validation email. Once this email arrives in the user’s mailbox he/she will need to copy the key number in it to the validation textbox in the validation window.