form builder sms alerts

A form builder sends the form owner an email alert automatically when data is submitted in the form, but what if you wish to receive an Sms alret? -this is also possible.
FormLogix has added a great new feature in its form builder – sms alerts – streight to your cellphone.
It is really easy to use this feature. all you need is:
1- to purchase an SMS Bulk.
This bulk is “per account”. this means that you can be applied on any email form in the account (on several or even all the account email forms).
*You need to remember that this feature works only in active forms.
2- enter the form you wish to get alerts from.
3- go to the form settings on the right side.
4- Enter your cell phone number in the “SMS Alerts Cell Phone Number” field.

5- press on “apply”
6- save the form.

That’s it- next time someone fills in your email form you will automatically receive an sms alert about it.