Creating an online email form

An email form is a form that is configured to collect user data and send it to the form owner via email once the data is submitted in the form.
This kind of form to email is really useful in cases where the form owner needs to be informed when data is entered in his form. Examples for this form are a contact form, a feedback form, an order form, a questionnaire etc.
The email form is a great tool for staying in touch with users, however, some users find this insufficient and need the data in the form to also be stored somewhere and have the ability to manage it.
FormLogix is an email form builder that enables a user to create email forms. Once a form filler submits a form an email containing the data saved is sent to the form owner.
A web database is also set up behind the scenes and enables the form owner to enter the data at any given time in order to view, edit it etc.

Following are email form examples, which contain step by step instructions:
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