Creating a “tell a friend” form

A “tell a friend” form is an email form that is growing more and more popular these days. The internet is so wide and deep that getting lost in it is really easy.  With the help of a “tell a friend” form a user can send someone an invitation to see a certain site, instead of having to remember the site’s name and telling him/her about it in other circumstances. Also this form helps the site owners to get the word out about their website.

A “tell a friend” form is usually a small and simple form which collects the friend’s email address and a message filled in by the form filler.

When pressing on submit an email is automatically sent to the friend containing text about the site and the content of the message that was filled in.

Steps to create a “tell a friend” form:
Part 1- create the form

1) Enter the form builder.
2) Drag a Label element in to the design area and enter text explaining what the form is about. For example: Please enter your friends email address in order to recommend this site to him/her.
3) Drag another Label element and enter the text “Friends email address”.
4) Drag an Email element, place it next to the label and go to its element settings.
5) Enter the text “Friends email address” in the element “caption” field.
* Make sure that the email element is defined as mandatory and that its “Send Copy” checkbox is turned on. This checkbox is in charge of sending an email to the address entered by a user in the email element.

6) Drag a label and change its text to “Personal message”
7) drag a textarea element and place it next to the label. Change its caption to “personal message”.
8) Add a submit button.
9) save the form

part 2 – customize the email sent to the friend
in order to customize the email you can choose one of the following methods:

1) Use the “Email User Message” option in the “form settings”.
This message will appear at the beginning of the email sent to friends.

Go to the “Form Settings” and fill in a message in the “Email User Message” field.
Make sure you use [n] when you want to create a line break. For example: Hi,[n]I wanted to tell you about this great site i found[n]Its called FormLogix.
press “apply” and save the form.
Read more about email user message


2) use the “custom user email” option in the “form settings”.
This option allows you to create your own message, place variables in it and edit its style.
Go to the form settings
press on the […] button to open the “custom user email”.

Start writing your message. (notice that You can insert variables from the form).

Press on “edit text” to edit the style of the text in the email.
save the design by pressing on the “save” icon and save the code generated in the “custom user email” window.
Read more about custom user email

Save the form.


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