How to direct your form to another url once it is submitted (post submit url)

when someone fills in your form and presses on “submit” the data entered is by default saved and sent via email, a small thank you message appears in a little window and the data in  form clears after that.
if you wish for the user to be redirected to another web page after submitting the form you can do so by using the “post submit url” option. You can redirect to a page in the internet (such as, you can redirect to one of your website pages (you can create a thank you page and redirect to it) or you can direct to one of your existing FormLogix forms.

Steps to add the post submit url to your form:
1- enter you form in the form creator
2- go to the “form settings” on the right
3- in the “post submit url” field enter a web page url or use the url picker […] to choose a formlogix form.

4- Press on “apply”.
5- Save the form.

* Please note that the new url will open in the same window as the original form. If you wish to open the new url in a blank new page please follow the steps detailed below.

Opening the post submit url in a blank window:
why open the new url in a new window?
Forms that have a post submit url and are published as iframe/script always show the post submit url inside the form window container. This means that the directed url will appear in the same dimensions as the original form and that if it is larger than the form’s dimensions it will be cut (see the 2 following images below). The best solution is to open the url in a blank window.

Sample of an embedded form (using a script/iframe publish method) – prior to submit

Sample of an embedded form  – after submitting the form – post submit url to the FormLogix homepage  gets cut and all you see is the left top part of the page

Steps to open the url in a new window:
1) Create a new blank web page in your website (Name the page: gateway.html)
This page should remain blank apart from this code which should be placed between the webpage’s ‘Head’ tags:

window.parent.location.href = ‘http://www.ThePostSubmitSite/ThePostSubmitPage.html&#8217;;

For example:
window.parent.location.href =’;;

2) Go to ‘Form Setting’ and fill the ‘Post Submit URL’ textbox with the url
of the gateway page –

   3) Press “apply” and save the form


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