How to create an online wedding invitation – RSVP

Getting married? Want to use an online wedding invitation- RSVP? No problem – you can build an online invitation form yourself.

An online wedding invitation is a great solution for all you busy people (and really…who isn’t busy when planning a wedding?) who do not want to find out whether or not people are coming by letters or phone calls. Why waste time when you can find out via email?
A wedding is a happy occasion that is never taken lightly: planning the event takes up lots of time and efforts. Finding the right venue, catering, music, cake, dress and suit, shoes, hair dresser, makeup artist, bouquet, rings, minister, honeymoon etc…the list of things to is really long. When you put such efforts in this event you really want to make sure that your guests are coming…this is where an online wedding invitation comes in.

The best thing about creating the form using a form builder tool is that it is really easy and no programming skills are required whatsoever. In addition, you do not need to install or download anything because the form creator is a web tool.

What are we waiting for?  Want to know How to create a wedding invitation?
here’s a step by step manual:

1-      login to the form creator

2-      in the data center – choose “create new form”.

3-      If you have the initial help label on the screen (“To start simply drag an element from the toolbar”) press on the “delete” icon to remove it.

4-      Go to the “form settings” on the right and give you form a name

5-      Change the background color of the form (I chose the color # e9c0ea, but you can keep it white if you like…)

6-      Add an image of your choice (a picture of you and your boy friend/girl friend, 2 love birds, puppies, flowers, or whatever you think is suitable) by dragging the “image” element. Make sure to enter the actual width and height of the image in the “element settings” so the picture will not be distorted.

7-      Add a 5 px white border around the image by using the border style options in the “design toolbar”.

8-      Drag a “label” element from the “element toolbar” above and change the text in the “element settings” on the right to :”we’re getting married”

9-      Change the font family, size and color of the font (verdana, 37px, white, bold) using the design toolbar.

10-   Drag another label element and enter your invitation text :  “we invite you to join us…”. Again, change its style as you wish.

11-   Drag a textbox element and go to its element settings. Enter the text  “name” in the caption (this will be the element’s name in the system now) and enter the digit 1 in the tab index field.

12-   Drag a label and place it above the textbox. Change its text to “name”.

13-   Drag a checkbox from the “element toolbar” above and go to its settings on the right. Call it “attending” in the caption and enter the digit 2 in the tab index field.

14-   Drag a label and place it above the checkbox. Change its text to “attending”.

15-   Drag a numeric textbox. In the settings call it “number of people” and enter tab index=3.

16-   Drag a label and place it above the textbox. Change its text to “number of people”

17-   Drag a submit button. In the element settings change its background color to # e9c0ea.

18-   Select all elements in the form (by pressing “ctrl”+a) and move them to the left.


19-   Change the form’s width to 600px and press on “apply”.

20-   Save the form.

21-   Preview the form in order to test it
That’s it!  Your form is done!  All you need to do now is publish it.
stay tuned and find out more about how to beautify your web form.


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