How to publish your web form

so you finished your contact form? All is good and well, but how do you embed it in your website? How do you use the email form?
well…the answer to this is really simple – Once your web form is finished and saved all you need to do in order to use it publicly is “publish” it.
publishing a form means externalizing it. Generating its code and using it in order for other to fill data in it.
There are 6 different publishing methods in the form builder. Choosing the right publish method depends on your needs – whether you want to embed the form to look like an integral part of your site or blog, or you want to use its url as is or as a link.  Once you choose a method (by selecting the radio button value) a generated script will appear and you will only need to copy and paste it.

The 6 publishing methods are:
URL – this is the url of the form. This url can be placed in a link or sent to others so they can enter the form. O simply given as is to enter in the browser’s address bar.
IFRAME – this code is used to embed the form in blogs.
LINK – this code is used to add a link for others to enter the form through.
SCRIPT – this code is used to embed the form in a website.
MAIL – when you choose this option a your mailing system window will open, allowing you to send an email, containing a link to the form.
GOOGLE SITES – this code is suitable for those who wish to put a link to the form with-in “Google Sites”.

form publishing options
form publishing options

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