What is a form creator?

A form creator (also known as a form builder or form generator) is a tool designed to automate the form creation process and enable those with no programming skills to create a web form themselves.

FormLogix is such a form builder and it enables its users to create an endless variety of web forms (contacts forms, surveys and polls, feedback and order forms etc.) in a flexible, easy and  WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG =what you see is what you get) way. The form creator is a web application which does not require any installation or download. All you need to do is register, login and start working.

Don’t worry about not having the experience or knowledge in programming or database, all you have to do is drag and drop the elements from the toolbars and design the form (place the elements where you want, choose a background color for your form, add image, choose font family and size etc).
While you are simply constructing your form the database is created behind the scenes for you. This will allow you to store the data in a table and manage it later on.

This email form,  once saved and published,  will allow others to fill in data, will alert you via email upon each data entry made, and will enable you to manage the data entered using a data management tool.
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