The Essential Basic Settings in Form Creation

The form creator consists of many features and options that may be applied in order to create a specific form. However, there are a few essential basic form and element settings that need to be entered in each and every form. These settings are crucial to form’s most basic functions. They consist of:

1-      Form name (included in the form settings).
 While each form has a default name (“new form”) and the user is not obligated to change it- it is highly recommended to do so in order to distinguish between the different forms in future operations (such as distinguishing between the forms listed in the data center, or trying to figure out from the new data alert email to which it belongs).

2-      Caption (included in the element settings)
The caption is the element’s name in the system.  While it is not mandatory to enter a name it essential for the efficient use of the system since this caption name will later appear in the email sent to you, in the data management report and in other places and it will be the only way you will be able to distinguish between your elements.

3-      Tab index (included in the element settings)
The tab index is an ascending number (starting from 1) which is given to all element s in order  to determine their order. This order is implemented when the form filler tabs from element to element.
This is not a mandatory feature but it determines the order of element in the data center report and elements listed in the emails sent to you.